4 Activities to Battle Arthritis Symptoms

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Four Activities That Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Physical activity is an important element of treating arthritis symptoms. Many seniors do not participate in enough physical activity, but encouraging those with arthritis to incorporate some into their daily schedule can help offer relief for the condition. The senior care experts at Home Care Prescott suggest these 4 simple activities for battling arthritis symptoms.

1. Stretching and Flexibility

A regular stretching routine can help seniors maintain range of motion and combat arthritis-related pain. Stretching should not be done to the point of discomfort, but should be goal-oriented, aimed at sustaining or gently expanding your loved one’s current degree of flexibility.

2. Yoga

Although yoga includes some aspects of stretching, the discipline has additional wellness components many older people with arthritis can benefit from. Yoga can promote their overall sense of wellbeing, help muscle growth, and make increasing flexibility a more enjoyable and social experience when getting involved in yoga meet-ups.

3. Tai Chi

A step up from yoga in aerobic demand, tai chi also incorporates strength building and flexibility. For senior men who may be reluctant to participate in yoga, tai chi was originally a form of martial arts practice. For those with arthritis in the feet or ankles, tai chi can help with balance issues and increase strength when participating in load-bearing activities.

4. Walking

These days, walking is considered an important part of any complete senior fitness program. Stretching first is a good idea to warm muscles and joints, and a gently paced walk can be quite easy on the body, even for those with arthritis. Walking is a load-bearing, low-impact exercise, meaning over time it can strengthen muscles without harming the joints. Plus, walking requires little special equipment other than a comfortable pair of shoes.

Regular activity is important for seniors with arthritis. However, those with mobility challenges may need other solutions for assisting with physical activity. If your loved one needs help with daily exercise to reduce arthritis symptoms, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a trusted provider of Prescott hourly care. Our caregivers can provide assistance with mobility or transportation to group exercise activities whenever your loved one needs it. Give a friendly Care Manager a call at (928) 771-0105 to learn more about our part-time caregiving services and to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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