How Can Seniors Stay Warm in the Winter?

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How to Keep Seniors Warm During the Winter in Prescott, AZ

As temperatures drop in Arizona’s winter months, it’s important for seniors to prevent cold weather illnesses and other complications. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of in-home care in Prescott, home care services has a few suggestions to help make sure your elderly loved one stays warm this winter.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Living healthily can help the body endure cold weather. Your loved one should try to eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables daily and include ample amounts of hot drinks and food. It’s also better for him or her to stock up on these items to avoid venturing outdoors too frequently during the cold weather. Participating in moderate exercise keeps the body warm and strong. Even some sort of motion at least once an hour can provide these benefits.

Dressing Warmly

Dressing in layers is more effective than wearing heavy coats. Fabrics such as wool, cotton, or fleece help keep in body heat. It is important to keep the head, face, and hands warm, so your loved one should wear a hat, gloves, and scarf each time he or she goes outdoors. Your loved one should also dress warmly in bed with thermal underwear, socks, and perhaps even a hat. As temperatures drop, a warm water bottle between the sheets or an electric blanket can be used for extra warmth, but your loved one should consult a doctor before using an electric blanket if he or she experiences incontinence.

Using the Heating System Properly

Heating systems should be checked for adequate ventilation before the winter months begin. Especially when the temperatures drop very low, your loved one or his or her Prescott caregiver should set the heating system so each room is comfortable. An example of this could be making sure the living room is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the bedroom around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and the rest of the house at least 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

Insulating the Home

Insulation helps ensure proper heating of the home. Wall cavities and hot water pipes should be insulated, draught proofing should be placed around gaps on windows and doors, curtains should be drawn at night to seal in heat, and the entire home should have at least 10 to 11 inches of insulation.

If you’re concerned about your loved one staying warm and healthy this winter, Home Care Assistance can help. Our part-time and live-in caregivers in Prescott are available 24/7 to assist with transportation, meal prep, exercise, and much more. For more information on our senior care services, call one of our friendly Care Managers at (928) 771-0105 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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