Best Ways to Plan for Senior Home Care Before It Becomes Necessary

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How to Plan Ahead for Senior Home Care in Prescott, AZ

Even a healthy and independent senior can benefit from the assistance of others. If you have a senior loved one who will soon require in-home care, it’s never too early to start planning for it. The following tips can help guide you and your loved one through this process.

Increase Safety Around the House

Making sure your loved one will have a safe home environment is crucial. Since seniors can end up with serious injuries due to falls, it’s important to reduce this risk. Consider installing safety bars in bathrooms and hallways and remove or secure tripping hazards like cords and area rugs. Make sure stairways have plenty of lighting. If your budget allows, you might even want to have home remodeling done to increase safety, such as adding a bedroom on the first floor so your loved one will not have to use the stairs.

Sort Out the Finances

Part of in-home caregiving involves making sure your loved one will have enough money to cover the cost of medication, medical equipment, and other expenses. Take a close look at your loved one’s finances and help him or her work out a budget that takes these expenses into account. Set aside money for these costs now so it will be available to use toward Prescott Home Care services.

Gather Information on Your Loved One’s Health Condition

If your loved one has been diagnosed with a serious health condition like dementia or diabetes, this could make caregiving a greater challenge. Begin gathering resources now to learn more about your loved one’s condition. This can help you fully prepare to care for your loved one and meet his or her evolving needs as the condition progresses.

Seek Outside Help

Caring for a senior can turn into a full-time responsibility. If you plan on providing care on your own, make sure you’re able to take care of yourself as well by managing stress, eating healthy, and exercising. Keep in mind you might need to seek out additional help to prevent caregiver burnout. This might mean turning to other family members or hiring a professional live-in or part-time caregiver in Prescott.

Seniors can benefit from having a caregiver in the home for a variety of reasons. If your loved one needs help with daily tasks that have become more challenging with age, assistance with exercise and mobility, or just needs a regular companion for mental and social stimulation, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are available 24/7 to help your loved one maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle while aging in place. For seniors who need more comprehensive care, we also offer Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia care Prescott families trust. To learn more about how in-home care can promote your loved one’s quality of life, call one of our Care Managers today at (928) 771-0105.


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