How to Stop an Elderly Loved One from Hoarding

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How to Stop Your Senior Loved One from Hoarding in Kansas City, MO

As your loved one ages, the possibility of developing unhealthy habits may increase. Hoarding can be a particularly difficult habit to break, since dementia or Alzheimer’s sometimes triggers it. However, you can help clear your loved one’s clutter while still respecting his or her needs. Here are some effective ways to help an elderly loved one who has a hoarding habit, brought to you by the staff at Prescott Home Care Assistance.

Encourage Hobbies

Some research suggests hoarding may be caused by frontal lobe deficits, which can affect motivation, planning, and social behavior and cause some seniors to become distracted. Help your loved one findnew and interesting activities to prevent him or her from focusing on hoarding. Actions such as organizing small stamp or photograph collections can encourage mental stimulation and be less disruptive than hoarding.

Be Kind

Remember your loved one is not trying to upset you with his or her hoarding, and that this condition may be the result of decreased functionality in the brain. By remaining patient and speaking gently, it is possible to reason with your loved one and convince him or her to remove some of the hoarded objects.

Clean Slowly

Fear of needing an object can prevent your loved one from discarding it. By taking theclutter-cleaning process slowly, you can help alleviate some of these worries. Talk to him or her about boxing or storing any items not currently being used. If the items are not needed for six months, suggest he or she donate them to a charity.

Focus on Safety

Though your loved one might argue he or she does not mind having clutter around the house, discussing other related matters can be effective. Try explaining to your loved one that too much clutter can result in falling injuries or losing important bills and medications. By focusing on your concern for safety instead of trying to control his or her actions, you can encourage your loved one to stop hoarding.

Hoarding can create unsafe living conditions for your loved one, making it important to try to discourage hoarding tendencies as much as possible. Even if hoarding is no longer a problem, your loved one may still need help taking care of various things around the house, such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking. An in-home caregiver can help with all of these tasks and many more. For hourly and live-in care in Prescott, reach out to Home Care Assistance. All of our senior care services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there are no hidden fees, and you’ll never be asked to sign a long-term contract. Call a Care Manager today at (928) 771-0105 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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