Why Many People Over 65 Are Getting Cosmetic Surgery

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Many People Opting for Cosmetic Surgery in Prescott, AZ

In recent times, interest in cosmetic surgery has increased among the senior population. Professionals specializing in senior care in home care Prescott have also observed similar trends and suggest a few reasons behind this new pattern.

More Affordable

In the past, many people simply couldn’t afford cosmetic surgery. Today, new techniques have reduced surgery costs. Additionally, many companies are offering insurance for cosmetic surgeries necessary for reconstruction purposes, such as after a mastectomy.

Shorter Recovery Times

Some cosmetic surgeries used to involve lengthy hospital stays. Today, many procedures can be done in-office, allowing seniors can go home the same day. Reduced surgery costs and shorter recovery times allow seniors to opt for a cosmetic surgery without disrupting their daily activities.

More Realistic Results

Everyone has seen the obvious facelift common in the early days of cosmetic surgeries. Now, mini-tummy tucks and mini-facelifts are some of the less invasive surgeries, offering subtle results. As seniors see their friends getting cosmetic surgeries, they can’t help but be curious about how they could enhance their appearance as well.

Greater Comfort

Drastic weight loss in seniors can leave behind loose skin, which can cause skin rashes and other discomforts. In these cases, cosmetic surgery becomes less about appearance and more about maintaining health and comfort. By having excess skin removed or facial skin tightened, seniors can stay on track with their goals for better health.

Increased Self-Esteem

It is true that beauty is only skin deep. However, being able to look in the mirror and feel amazing can boost a senior’s self-esteem. Since many seniors are socially active, being able to put their best face forward can be a necessity for them to get the most out of life.

For seniors recovering from cosmetic surgery, having a respite or live-in caregiver in Prescott from Home Care Assistance can prove useful. Our senior care services include transportation to and from clinics to make sure seniors don’t miss out on their appointments. To learn more about how we can assist with post-surgery recovery, call (928) 771-0105 to speak with a friendly Care Manager.


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