3 Reasons the Elderly Should Focus on Their Sexual Health

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Maintaining Senior Sexual Health in Prescott, AZ

The senior years bring more time and opportunities for older adults to explore romantic relationships. As a result, maintaining sexual health later in life becomes increasingly important. Prescott home care, AZ, elderly care experts discuss 3 reasons why seniors should continue focusing on their sexual health.

1. Having a Romantic Partner Promotes Better Mental Health

Seniors who have regular romantic partners experience fewer episodes of depression. This is because having someone they are close to provides more opportunities for laughter and conversation. Physical touching also stimulates the release of hormones that promote happier moods.

2. New Medical Advances Make Sex More Enjoyable

In the past, many seniors were forced to set their sexual lives aside due to common issues that occur with aging such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. However, new medications are available to help older adults stimulate desire and regain their sexual functioning. Talking to the doctor about problems they have with sexual health allows seniors to utilize new medical advances to help them enjoy romantic relationships again.

 3. Good Sexual Health Influences the Entire Body

Managing an incurable STD lowers the immune system, which can leave seniors vulnerable to other illnesses that affect quality of life. However, a healthy sexual relationship has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and increases mental wellbeing. By being proactive regarding sexual functioning and using strategies to prevent STDs, seniors can enjoy romantic partnerships in the golden years that enhance their overall happiness and physical health.

Many campaigns on STD prevention are aimed at younger adults, which often leaves seniors out of the loop when it comes to protecting their sexual health. Many older adults find themselves newly single and begin to meet new partners. Because STDs are becoming resistant to antibiotics, it is critical for seniors to speak to their physicians about prevention and testing that can protect their long-term health.

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